Floor Protection Mats

BuuMsorb® floor mats

      • The polypropylene absorption mats are used for the daily protection
        of surfaces and floors from leaks, drops and splashes.
      • They ensure cleanliness and safety in the workplace and surroundings.
      • In non-sterile areas they can be used as single-use surgical mats.
      • These are available in various dimensions, structures and basis weights.

Material – depending on the application

  • This material absorbs all kinds of liquids, from aqueous solution, oily emulsion up to urine and blood.
  • This material absorbs mineral hydrocarbons only.
  • It is water-repellent and therefore buoyant, so that leaks on water also can be absorbed.

Size – as needed

1. MINI-MATS are particular suitable for small areas. They can be used directly – quickl and easy to apply.


2. ENDLESS-MATS are for larger surfaces, corridors and work paths.
The required amount of material can be cut to the correct length individually.
This roll product is available with or without perforation and with or without one-sided polyethylene foil.

3. COMBINED-MATS are suitable for longer use. They have two phases, the first absorbs and additionally the second holds the liquid for a certain period of time.


4. MULTIFUNCTION-MATS consist of three components, the hydro-yellow side absorbs all liquids and Wasser, the hydrophobic white surface absorbs mineral hydrocarbons.