Absorbent Mats

BuuMsorb® Floor absorbent mats

  • The absorbent mats made of polypropylene are used for daily protection
    of surfaces and floors from leaks, drops and splashes.
  • They ensure cleanliness and safety in the workplace and the surrounding area.
  • In non-sterile areas they can be used as single-use surgical mats.

Material – depending on the application

  • The absorbent mats are set according to the area of application and tasks.
  • This material is “water-loving” and absorbs all kinds of liquids.
    Chemicals, acids, alkalis, bases, coolants, solvents as well as blood and urine etc.
  • The more aqueous portion in the substance, the faster the bonding nonwoven mat is responding.
  • At higher viscosity – thicker or viscous – the absorption takes longer. 
  • This material is “water-avoiding” and absorbs oil-containing mineral hydrocarbons.
    Mineral oil, heating oil, lubricating oil, diesel oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, kerosene, paraffin, hydraulic oil etc.
  • It is buoyant and can also be used on waters.
  • Water and liquids with a high water content simply drop off and there is no absorption. 

Size – as needed

1. MINI-MATS (50 cm x 40 cm) are particular suitable for small areas.
They can be used immediately – fast and easy to handle.


2. ENDLESS-MATS (1 m width x 40 m length) are for larger surfaces, corridors and work paths.
The required amount of material can be cut to the correct length individually.
This roll product is available with or without perforation and with or without one-sided polyethylene foil.

3. DOUBLE-MATS (2 x 100 cm x 50 cm) with one-sided polyethylene coating.
The collecting absorbent mat has a two-layer structure, the hydrophobic material binds all oily liquids
such as gasoline, diesel, hydraulic oil etc. and the PE foil prevents it from sinking into the soil layers.
Depending on your needs, the mat can be divided and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


4. COMBINED-MATS (60 cm x 50 cm) are suitable for longer use.
They have two phases, the first absorbs and additionally the second holds the liquid for a certain period of time.


5. MULTIFUNCTIONAL MATS (100 cm x 50 cm) consist of three components.
The hydrophobic yellow side absorbs all liquids, the hydrophobic white side absorbs oily substances
and the core also binds the aqueous components.



Always store in the original packaging in a dry place and away from direct sunlight!