Biodegradable Cleaning Agents

BuuMosol® Universal-Cleaner

  • approved cleaning concentrate to remove traces of oil and oil stains
  • approved for degreasing traffic areas and roads of all kinds
    • concreted surfaces and composite paving
    • bitum and asphalt surfaces
    • airport runways
    • industrial floors and tiles
  • for cleaning and degreasing metal parts in the company, vehicle fleet, household etc.

biologisch abbaurer Reiniger


BuuMosol® Industrial cleaner – TI M2000

  • approved alkaline cleaning concentrate in the industrial and commercial vehicle sector
  • for cleaning all kinds of soiled surfaces
    • workshop and hall floors
    • construction and agricultural machinery, aggregates
    • vehicle fleet – engines, gearboxes, chassis, underbody
    • trucks, tarpaulins and tents etc.
  • extremely good cleaning performance for oil, grease and soot



    Always store in the original packaging in dry place and away from direct sunlight.