Impotant customer information-Corona Virus

Our steps against COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2

The safety of our colleagues, partners and customers has the highest priority.
The continued spread of the Corona virus has an increasingly global impact on human health and the global economy.
The World Health Organization (WHO) provides information to help us overcome this challenge.
As far as possible, we have taken measures to minimize the spread of the Corona virus and to maintain our ability to deliver.
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Internal measures

  • Avoid direct contact – avoid shaking hands and hugging
  • no contact, keep 2 m apart
  • Cough and sneeze basically in the crook of the arm and not in the free space or hands
  • Pay more attention to hand hygiene and wash your hands regularly with plenty of soap and water, if necessary use the disinfection provided
  • In principle, if employees perceive the symptoms of an illness or suspect that they have come into contact with the virus, please handle it responsibly.
  • If you suspect an infection with the Corona Virus, follow the instructions of the Robert Koch Institute and call 116 116.
  • Separate workplaces, individual offices and strict separation of the production rooms
  • avoid possible contacts with others
  • Business trips and visits to our location are prohibited

Delivery capability

  • We will do our best to maintain delivery capability.
  • Our stocks already have been increased accordingly.
  • Still, in the case of border and company closings we too would to be faced with problems.
  • Our forwarding partners have assured us that they have taken appropriate measures, to prevent the spread of the corona virus.
  • At the same time, they also report that there may be delays in terms of delivery.


  • If possible, please check your inventory
  • You can contact us at any time during business hours as well as in emergencies.
  • Please tell us about your measures to prevent the spread of the corona virus,
    such as Closures, changed delivery times etc. so that we can act as soon as possibil.