Odor neutralizer and Water-stop

BuuMsorb® Dufti-Special-Granule

  • powerful and environmentally friendly all-purpose binder
  • emergency relief with fragrance in three bundles – 6 kilo bucket, 1,5 kilo can and refill
  • odor neutralizer and water-stop – stops odors, takes the disgust
    Well-scented essential oil LAVENDER works in seconds.
    To cover malodorous human and animal excretions and secretions.
  • quickly and effectively absorbs aqueous solutions and mineral hydrocarbons
  • absorbing and confining liquids of any kind and viscosity
    on solid ground and on various surfaces
  • e.g. water, drinks of all kinds, liquid food, blood, urine, vomit, manure,
    liquid fertilizers, alkaline and acidic liquids, etc.


  • Simply sprinkle the special granule around and on the spilled liquid.
    The amount to be applied depends on the viscosity of the solution.
    It forms a barrier and thus prevents further spreading.
  • After complete absorption of the substance, the mixture can be swept up.
  • In the hygiene sector, a subsequent treatment with detergent or disinfectant spray is recommended.
  • After use – Keep container tightly closed.
  • NOTE – The material can be disposed with household waste.
    For environmentally hazardous substances, disposal must be in accordance with the relevant directives
    and legal regulations – https://www.umweltbundesamt.de




  • personal use – household and hygiene
  • industry, trade and sanitary engineering
  • janitorial services and industrial cleaning
  • gastronomy, hotels, restaurants, bars, kitchens and canteens
  • public buildings and toilets – schools, kindergartens, shopping malls, department stores and shops
  • medical facilities – hospitals, nursing homes, medical practices, ambulance services
  • workplace and laboratories for scientific, technical or medical work,
    survey and experiments
  • transportation – trains, planes, ships, vehicles, buses
  • animal care – cat litter and dog kennels, pet grooming and animal shelters, practices
  • and much more !!